Recovery Progress Report

I’m still in the process of repairing my site, with the help of a couple good friends. God willing, it will be up in a week or so. In the meantime, can contact me via email, or through my ministry Facebook page. The links are below, and prayer is appreciated. It’s been a painful process, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks!


Site Crash Update

About two weeks ago, my service provider made a huge mistake that took my site down.  Much of the data appears to be lost, and I’ll be working with a ministry partner to restore whatever I can.  It’s only by God’s grace that I was able to get this up.  Your prayers are appreciated.  I’ll post updates as I can.


Brief Update, Bible Difficulties, and the Cross at Fanime Con

Hello all! Just wanted to give a quick ministry update, talk about
some recent updates, and pass on some encouraging information. Please
share this on your social media page, or with friends through email. To
join out email list, or to stay updated on local outreaches, contact me
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So much of what we are planning depends on getting the word out, and
getting enough support to focus on outreach. Please consider partnering
with us in this ministry. Thanks!

Expanding Outreach
As previously mentioned, I’m working on expanding our outreaches, so in
the long term we will be able to impact more of the Bay Area, and
partner with more believers, and churches. We’ve had some exciting

  • We recently had our first outreaches near Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier
    39 in San Francisco, and near the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Both went
    very well, and we plan to schedule regular events in both areas.IMG_1236_2  IMG_1212WP_20150711_002 1
  • I have picked a new outreach spot in downtown Oakland, and have made
    contacts with a couple evangelists in that area. I’m planning to have
    an outreach there in the next couple weeks.
  • We have had Market and Powell in San Francisco suggested as a good
    outreach spot. I know several people who share the gospel there often,
    and it is very open to public proclamation. I’ll be bringing the sketch
    board there very soon as well.
  • I was able to meet with a local ministry which coordinates kids
    Bible clubs in public schools. If all goes well, we should be able to
    set up some regular Bible clubs at the beginning of the next school
    year! They also have a need for more churches to sponsor clubs, and
    volunteers to run them. Please be praying for this opportunity. I will
    share more details once more of the pieces are in place.
  • There are a number of other opportunities we are just starting to
    develop. PLEASE pray that God will open doors and draw many to Himself
    through these outreaches. Also pray for mor volunteers.  We need
    more help.

Which Old Testament Laws, and Other Common Objections
The recent Supreme Court decision on gay “marriage” has once again
brought to the forefront questions about the reliability of the Bible.
Should we trust what it says, or not? I find that many Christians can be
confused and discouraged by this issue, and its intricacies. But you
don’t need to be! There are very good resources to answer objections,
and I have linked to articles below that deal with some of the primary
objections. I pray they will encourage you. If you have additional
questions about these subjects, or something related to them, send me a
message. I’ll be posting additional resources on a regular basis. Be
prepared Christian! The marketplace of ideas is not on our side right
now, but we still have the best answers, and by God’s grace and through
His Spirit, we can still be prepared to answer the critics and impact
the world.

Do Christians Cherry-pick which Old Testament laws to follow?

Is Gay Marriage a social justice or civil rights issue? Is Gay the new Black?

Do we really have answers to the critics’ (and mainstream
medias’) attack on the reliability of scripture? Do we really have the
Apostles’ or Jesus’s, words?

Canon Fodder with New Testament Scholar Michael Kruger

How is the Bible Being Attacked Today?
How Can We Respond to Attacks on the Bible?

Fanime Con 2015 and the Cross
One of my favorite yearly outreaches is Fanime Con, one of the largest
anime and cosplay conventions in the country. It draws in excess of
25,000 people, has activities going all day and night, and many of the
attendants come dressed as their favorite characters. Some costumes are
simple, and some very elaborate. The atmosphere can make for some very
interesting encounters. The first year I attended, when I open-air
preached, I was heckled by Shrek! That’s not something you easily

In addition to being highly creative, it is also highly sexualized,
with many people wearing very inappropriate outfits. A lot of
gender-bending goes on too, and those of alternative lifestyles are very
common, so there are plenty of opportunities for gospel conversations.
Like beach evangelism, it’s a situation that takes much prayer for pure
eyes and a pure heart. If you attend such an event, don’t go without
some serious prayer cover.

Don Harmon and I in San Jose. A young man was out looking for interesting subjects for his photography class.  I guess we qualified!

Harmon and I in San Jose. A young man was out looking for interesting
subjects for his photography class. I guess we qualified!

This event reminds me that the evangelism tool you use should fit the
event and venue. Tracts are great in general, if they are good ones.
Open-air preaching can be very effective, if done well. The OAC sketch
board, which I use a lot, is among the best. But for Fanime Con, and
large festivals in general, carrying an Are Your Ready cross is one of
the best options. This type of “cross carrying”, initially used by Tony
Miano, is a wooden cross with writing on the crossbar to catch people’s
eyes and help start conversations. Often it’s as simple as standing in
an area with good foot traffic and waiting, and the conversations come
to you. What could be better!

This was the case with Fanime Con. I arrived with the cross, stopped
to pull out my tracts, and was immediately approached by a young man
with a Catholic background, and we ended up talking for nearly an hour.
When he left, I was approached by a couple making a high school
documentary on Anime, and once again, they were drawn in by the cross. I
spent two days out at the event with the cross. I didn’t preach there
this year, but conversations, mostly started by the cross, kept me busy
almost the entire time.

In short, it’s never a bad thing to add more tools to your tool box,
provided they are Biblically sound. The cross is certainly that, and is
effective in the best way. It draws attention and starts conversations,
most often with people who really want to talk (since you’re certainly
not hiding your point of view!) I would encourage you to consider using
an Are You Ready cross in your evangelism efforts.

Mission Good Friday 2012 – Testimony Report

The link below is from Project Ezra, a weekly public evangelism blog I write.  Project Ezra is dedicated to encouraging and equipping believers in Christ to read the word of God in public as a method of evangelism.  Please take a few minutes to read through it.  I pray it will be an encouragement.  The address for the weekly posts is  Or, if you are on Facebook, you can follow the group HERE.

Mission Good Friday 2012

Why I Choose To Believe the Bible

The series of videos below is one of my favorites.  Voddie Baucham is a very intelligent, very articulate, and on occasion very funny speaker, and this presentation of the reliability of the Bible is excellent.  I would encourage you to spend the time to listen to the entire message.  It is well worth the time.  If you are a believer in Christ, it will strengthen your faith and give you a better foundation for defending the Bible.  If you are not a believer, it should give you something to think about.  Be sure to visit his ministry at:

On Facebook

At their web site

The Gospel Burst My Sanitized Christian Bubble | Dena’s Testimony

If you haven’t done so already, take 40 minutes (believe me, it’s worth it) to watch my friend Dena’s testimony video.  It’s very powerful, particularly if you grew up in the church.  In fact, it could just change your life.  Watch it, and share it with your friends.  When you’re done, I’d love to hear your comments.  Thanks to Jared Duba of Depraved Wretch for putting it together.  If you’ve ever seen any of the other videos from our team (Norcal Seedsowers), they were probably done by him.  He specializes in this type of work.

Norcal Fire – Our First Annual Evangelism Conference!

I’m happy to announce that the Norcal Seedsowers, our local evangelism team, is almost finished working through the details for our first self-sponsored Biblical evangelism conference!  The flyer is posted below.  Please consider attending if you can, and let your friends and church family know.  Hope to see you there!

Web Site:

Team Web Site:

What Do You Believe? Truth That God Exists

The link below is to an excellent page put together by my friend Sye TenBruggencate.  That’s OK, I can’t pronounce it either.  However, despite the rather unusual name, the information on the page is powerful.  It will walk you through proof that God exists, provided your presuppositions allow you to continue.  If you are not a Christian believer, it will challenge how you think about truth, similar to another previous post of mine called Nuclear Strength Apologetics (which you can find under the Videos section).  I’d love to hear your feedback.  God bless!